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Google Shopping is often one of the fastest routes to market and the channel of choice for e-commerce businesses. It is typically the most profitable paid search channel, driving buyers direct into your product section within your e-commerce website.

It's important to choose a reputable agency to manage your product ads. At Smart Websites, we are a Google Partners and trusted by many businesses to carry out their advertising.

Google Shopping Advertising

Google shopping advertising has come a long way since its inception and now takes much of the header space on Google search results. It is a powerful channel  offering users the exact products they are searching for, or as close as possible.
Smart Websites' approach to a shopping campaign firstly looks at the U/X within your ecommerce website, since this is the first entry point for your users. Further factors in the buying process include commercially astute listings, a competitive edge on pricing, high quality items and low delivery costs.

Simple comparison tools within shopping make it a competitive space, but with the chance for high volume sales.

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How Does Google Shopping Work?

The importance of a well optimised product feed

Google Shopping is Google’s own advertising network, that allows you to place your products in front of the people who are ready to buy them. Unlike other AdWords (Google Ads) platforms, Shopping relies on the product feeds in your Google Merchant account, either through direct input or as API feeds.

Your Shopping feed can include many different pieces of information about your product. The best and most-clicked results will include items such as:

  • Product photos
  • Product reviews
  • Delivery charges
  • Stock levels

For the best chance of showing up for the relevant searches, advertisers need to know how to correctly present their information to Google. This involves using correctly formatted and optimised shopping feeds and employing the right website frameworks, amongst other things.

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